I’m Mike – I would love helping you achieve your Dreams.
Business Consulting, Speaking, Coaching, Sales and Marketing.

With over 4 decades of communications, marketing, sales, management and personal development experience, Mike will work with you and customize a plan that will work for you.

Life is also about resiliency, and Mike has had some serious ups and downs, but he focuses on the positive and going forward. Mike would love to speak with your audience about how to never be a victim, and always focus on the lesson and not blaming. Responsibility is the key, and once you learn that you have been responsible for everything that has happened to you, then you can learn to only focus on the present moment and create the future you were meant to enjoy.

If you are in need of an inspirational key note speaker or trainer, in person or in a webinar / conference call setting, Mike will customize a presentation and deliver everything needed so you won’t have to worry about production, technical set up or anything else.

Mike Ginther

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

Your first consultation is on me