These unique opportunities integrate together perfectly

The combined potential is astronomical.


VM Direct Opportunity



Global Information Network Opportunity


Vm Direct with its Attain Response cutting edge marketing and video communications product is a great marketing tool for the Global Information Network members and their Affiliate membership business that already looks to hitting momentum in 2010. Imagine getting a leg up on two powerful opportunities that can change your life and be on the fast track with both as momentum kicks in.
Join us weekly on teleseminars and broadcasts that are archived for your convenience and reference. The January schedule will be posted shortly.


2 Responses to “Opportunity”
  1. Hi Mike,

    I heard you and Steve Fagan in the last teleseminar ask people to call about problem joining GIN. Here is my problem: I have two Master Card, each having less than $500. in credit. Does that mean I can’t join GIN just yet, or is there another way. Do You accept payments by mail. Please enlighten me. I have been self employed since 5-10 and receiving retirement income only before then. I have planned this moment but this piece of my puzzle is not quite clear. HELP!
    Thank you, Milca

  2. admin says:

    Hi Milca, Go ahead and contact the GIN customer Service and they can help work this out with you.

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