FGXpress PowerStrips


Back Pain
Lower back painPowerstrips are amazing!! 3 yrs ago I had shingles in my lower back, after which I had constant pain in my lower back. This was aggravated by the many hours of travel I do a week as a hockey mom! My back had become so bad 10 months ago that I was getting spasm in my back that left me in tears and feeling irritable.
Powerstrips – Day one I felt some relief, day 2 more mobility by day 3, all the pain and stiffness were gone. I love to workout and now am able to do it again, with improved athletic performance , endurance & muscle recovery.
And for the women reading this, I wear my Powerstrip on my stomach during my cycle, pain, bloating, moodiness and irregular cycle is now a thing of the past for me. I have 5 children and this year caring for a 6th.  I am so thankful that I have powerstrips to keep my energy up and pain gone to be able to meet the demands of my busy life!
Lisa R. – 3/13/2014
Back surgeryI previously had back surgery and have been a long-time sufferer of severe back-pain, and was given some of the strips by a friend who suggested that I try the all-natural product. After applying the patch on my back and by the next morning experiencing significant pain relief, I realized that this might be the product that could open the doors of opportunity to people in every country in the world
Ron Williams (Founder and CEO of ForeverGreen) – 3/13/2014
Lower back injuryA couple of weeks ago I injured my lower back. It was an old injury and every now and then it flares up. After extensive traveling and a lot of pain, I was presented with a Power Strip. I put on the Power Strip in the area of the pain, and literally immediately the pain started subsiding. Anyone who has suffered from sciatica or lower back pain knows how extreme that can be. To be relieved of that pain is extraordinary. It’s truly amazing!
Marilyn S – 3/13/2014
Neck injuryI have a long-standing injury at the base of my neck. I put the power strip right over the permanent “knot” and within 20 minutes, the dull ache began to subside! I stayed pain free for 6 days with one power strip. And as an added bonus, the urinary tract infection I  was dealing with also healed. I have more energy and more clarity, which means a happier, creative outlook on life!
Carol M – 3/13/2014
Chronic back painI have endured chronic pain in my upper and lower back for over 30 years. I have tried every pill, treatment etc… to treat my back challenges. I was a bit skeptical of a patch, but within minutes of using the Power Strips product I felt relief and was walking up my stairs with ease.
Steve S – 3/13/2014
Chronic lower back painAfter just 2 days of Power Strips my back feels way better! I’ve had a chronic low back pain for over 20 years. I’ve gone to chiropractors forever, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain meds, yoga.. I’ve never had this immediate and significant relief.
Ellie Y – 3/13/2014
Joint Pain
Joint painMy knee, back and shoulders are always painful even though I went through all chiropractors, massages, and acupuncture. Now my pain went from a painful 10 down to a 2. Yeah! I’m now feeling relaxed and feeling free. Mary Siew Ping Y – 3/13/2014
Hip painI have had hip pain for years. When I walk for a long period of time my hip starts hurting to the point that I’m limping. It is something I have just lived with. This past Saturday morning I received my Power Strips and knew my wife was dragging me to the mall in Miami so I put a Power Strip on my hip. After walking 5 hours I had no pain! Seems way to good to be true… can’t explain it, all I can say is the Power Strips Rock!!!
Vince H – 3/13/2014
Bunion painI put a small strip across bunion area- pain subsided within 10 minutes
Joy – 3/6/2014
Throbbing painShut my index finger in the front door which is heavy.  I .immediately had pain and could see dark bruising emerging. Put 1/8 or less of a PowerStrip around the finger like a Band-Aid and the throbbing pain went away and it never discolored the upper portion of the finger OR finger nail.
Joy – 3/6/2014
Twisted ankleTwisted my ankle on cobble stone streets this past summer and activated an old injury when I had popped my Achilles tendon on my left ankle. I put  PowerStrip around the back of my heel and that day I felt relief. The next day I expected to wake up and have a stiff ankle/Achilles but it felt normal. WOW!
Joy – 3/6/2014
Muscle sorenessThe past several months Dave and I have spent more time in front of the computer and on the phone and less working out and boy, are we paying the price!!! One of our gifts to each other for Xmas was P90X3. Today is day 5 and we haven’t been this sore from a work out since 3 years ago when we did P90X!
 Last night I decided to put 1/2 PowerStrip about 4″ above my belly button- where my CORE/ABS were screaming…and 1/2 on my upper back. I slept soundly though the night- GREAT for muscle recovery- and today when I woke up my muscles were not as sore. I could even laugh today without holding my abs out of sheer pain and I had more power in our WARRIOR workout!
Joy – 3/6/2014
Hot flashesFor the past 2 years I have had HOT FLASHES due to menopause. After approximately 2 months of using the PowerStrips I heard several women tell me that they no longer had HOT FLASHES or NIGHT SWEATS! Wow, I hadn’t even realized it but MINE had subsided as well. I never gave it any thought- I don’t know exactly when they stopped, but I did read that a natural remedy for hot flashes is magnesium with calcium, and voila, both are in the PowerStrips!
Joy – 3/6/2014
Hangover reliefOops, a little too much wine- PowerStrips to the rescue. One  on my belly, one on my forehead. Good to go!
Joy – 3/6/2014
Throbbing pain and bruisingI fell down the last two stairs from my brother’s loft- while maneuvering in the dark and miscalculating. I immediately put a  PowerStrip on my shin and it took the throbbing pain away with 15 min. and it didn’t bruise like I believe it would have without using the strips.
Joy – 3/6/2014
Cold reliefSeveral months ago I felt a cold coming on so I placed a PowerStrip across my nose and also on my throat. I never got the cold and I could breathe freely.
Joy – 3/6/2014
Foot painWhen we were at an expo this fall and on our feet over 14 hours, I knew my feet were going to be so sore the following day if I didn’t put on some PowerStrips so I placed a PowerStrip on each of the bottom of my feet. I woke up the following day- my feet were NOT sore and we returned to the expo event with energy for the day.
Harriet – 3/6/2014
Jet lagWhen traveling and spending a lot of time driving or on an airplane we place  PowerStrip on each calf,(suggestion from Ron Williams as he uses it to prevent Jet Lag) and it is energizing and helps.
Joy – 3/6/2014
Many usesAs you can see, if you have read my list of ways I have personally used the PowerStrips, there are many applications besides the relief of pain. At first, when we began our testimonial calls it became a running joke as each week it appeared I personally had a new testimonial to share. It did become a running joke that I kept finding ways to build my personal belief system.  Joy – 3/6/2014
Overall healthI do feel amazing. I am proud to have completed the race. I keep Power Strips with me all the time. I have had so many benefits from them: Sports recovery, general health and well-being, better sleep, sinus and cold relief, relief from muscle pain, relief from menstrual pain, relief from headaches and migraines,…..and these amazing benefits I didn’t expect….. my frown lines on my forehead and the small beginnings of wrinkles around the eyes have decreased, skin on my face is softer and the tone has evened out.
Carolyn J. – 3/4/2014
Pulled muscleNobody can see them but I can feel the effects! My pulled muscle on my left side of the neck had pain but no more – amazing result!
Rubina K – 3/13/2014
Bike accidentMy bike accident left me in bad shape. I’m back on my bike and won a 1st place gold medal in my inter-class judo tournament.
Joash D – 3/13/2014
Pain while in bedBecause of my back pain I could not turn in bed. The next morning I was able to turn and my activity returned to rolling, like a squirrel in a wheel back and forth.
Anara – 3/13/2014
Sinus attackThe product does what it claims quickly. Coming down with sinus attack, and after wearing a strip on the forehead a few hours, relief was on hand.
MP – 3/13/2014
Severe TendinitisI received my Power Strips and immediately placed one on my left arm. I had developed severe tendonitis approximately 2 months ago on my left elbow. In less than an hour I experienced a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility of my arm. I assumed that there must be placebo effect, it just seemed to fast. I wanted to put it to the test. I have not been able to weight lift during these 2 months and had to limit body weight exercises.
 I headed to the gym the next morning and did a full range of weight lifting and body weight exercises; no problem, no pain. I have been wearing the strips continually and have been amazed at how “miraculous” the results have been for me.
Kevin O – 3/13/2014
Rib injuryI love how easy FG Xpress Power Strips are to use and the results I have experienced. They eased the discomfort I felt after an injury to my ribs.
Rosellen L – 3/13/2014
Overall feeling betterI suffer from feelings of low energy, stamina, fatigue. Every day on Power Strips life gets better and better!
Andre J – 3/13/2014
Relief from toxic medicationsMy meds owned me…Thanks to Power Strips I’m managing successfully without toxic medication. I’m Back! An answer to prayers, every day of the year!
Norma R – 3/13/2014
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder and elbow painThese strips are amazing. I had severe tendonitis in my elbow and chronic pain from a shoulder injury I sustained as a teenager. I put a strip on my upper arm and by day 2, the pain in my shoulder was non-existent and I could squeeze my elbow without feeling the sharp pain I felt previously.
 I love that the ingredients are simple and all natural – using one of these beats having to take daily pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Another reviewer said they smell terrible, but I think the smell is pleasant – sort of a woodsy smell, probably from the ginseng. As for their price: being pain free is worth it to me. 🙂
J – 3/13/2014
Stiff neck and shoulderI had worn my Power Strips for about 3 days without noticing a huge difference, but on the fourth morning I woke up with a stiff neck. If felt like it was running up from my shoulder, so I placed a Power Strip across the trapezius muscle. Within 15 minutes the pain was GONE!
 Later that afternoon I felt the Power Strip heating up, and then noticed a “tingling” in the opposite hip. I smiled to myself knowing that it was creating an energetic balancing of my skeletal system. Thank you FG Xpress!
Keli A – 3/13/2014