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I’m sharing some success secrets and personal insights I have learned over the years, and my wish is that you will find something here that will help you find the path to real happiness. I have been searching for the past 35 years to find the happiness and success secrets I want to share with you on this website, so please enjoy it and come back often. I would love to keep in contact with you and share some of your successes, so please be sure to opt-in to my email list and also share some of your comments in the space below. I will be doing several weekly video broadcasts right from this site, so be sure to join me, or you can just access them directly from: http://www.MikeGintherLive.com

My Success story started in 1974 when I became a sales agent for Combined Insurance of America and was promoted to sales manager shortly afterward. Combined was owned and founded by W. Clement Stone, who also co-authored with Napoleon Hill and taught me all about the importance of having a Positive Mental Attitude. I took a 3 decade detour working in corporate America, 20 of which was with Panasonic as a Marketing and Sales Manager. Now 35 years later I’m putting more of the success pieces together and having more fun and living the life I’ve always wanted to live. One of the biggest thrills I have is to wake up every morning and embrace life with gusto and enthusiasm. Not having to go into a JOB really helps, and I want to share some things with you that might just help you achieve the same thing. I have several income streams going, but two are very close to my heart and I want to share them with you in The Global Information Network and comF5 digital media and video marketing.

Our latest business is the best yet, combining great health and energy with a community of like minds. We are blessed to be with a team of professionals building a global team of winners.   more here: …