Here is a link to a series of broadcasts from the leaders of VM Direct from around the country that was broadcast Wednesday, December 30, 2009.

This is all about discovering your passion and then success is easy if you are really passionate about what you are doing.

I think you will enjoy some of these.

VM Affiliate live broadcasts



VMdirect’s LIVE-a-Thon
Wednesday December 30, 2009
12 noon to 10pm EST

Join our CEO & Chairman of the Board Richard Kall and some of the other leaders around the country share on why our opportunity and products are changing affiliate’s lives, helping businesses and organizations around the world.

Time Speaker Topic Title
12:00 PM Earl Mann Opening Ceremonies
12:30 PM Earl Mann Passion Breeds Success
1:00 PM Patrick Corbett VMdirect and Lifestyle
1:30 PM John Posey Digital Evagelism
2:00 PM Guy Franklin Coast Guard using LIVE
2:30 PM John Pretto Technology in 2010
3:00 PM Richard Kall Message from Our Chairman of the Board
3:30 PM Rick Corbett Passion Breeds Success
4:00 PM Monica Gilliam Heighten Author’s Exposure
4:30 PM Patrick Corbett Consultative Selling
5:00 PM Patrick Corbett Income w/ Affinity Groups
5:30 PM Paulette Smith Web & Graphic Designers
6:00 PM Karen Pfeffer Maximizing Your Personal Power
6:30 PM Marge & Bert McIntire Maximizing Your Personal Power
7:00 PM Rick Corbett Passion Breeds Success
7:30 PM Connie Banford Empowering Non Profits
8:00 PM Connie Banford Empowering Small Businesses
8:30 PM Earl Mann Passion Breeds Success
9:00 PM Rick Corbett Passion Breeds Success
9:30 PM Earl Mann Closing