Message to Millions

Awesome Coaching Program

Message to Millions is the only comprehensive program that ties everything together and moves you through the process in an orderly fashion so at the end, you have a predictable income system. All in a short manageable time.

Here is the summary of the 6 modules in the Message To Millions Coaching Program.  The bonuses I can give you to improve your business are below.

  • Module 1: Finding Your Life Story and Message
  • Module 2: Content and Program Creation
  • Module 3: Pricing and Structuring Your Offer
  • Module 4: The Enrollment Conversation
  • Module 5: The Never Ending Client System
  • Module 6: Product to Millions Online Marketing Formula

It’s all here in Message to Millions. This program is designed to attract people who serve and want to do it quickly and with a systematic, non pressure, targeted attraction approach.

  • BONUS #1: Access to Superstar Speaker Training online program with lifetime access. ($997 Value)  
  • BONUS #2: 12 LIVE stream sessions with Ted as he shares his most current, proven and profitable strategies he is using, every month for 1 year. Option to chat in your questions. ($1,997 Value) 
  • BONUS #3: 3 group Coaching Calls for the new members of the TedMcGrath Message to Millions community over the first 90 days ($1,497 value)
  • BONUS #4: 2 Tuition Waivers for Message to Millions with ($97 material fee per ticket) 4-Day Live Event 0 in Los Angeles, CA ($3,997 Value)
  • BONUS #5: Exclusive Private Facebook Group ($1,000 Value)

Message to Millions 3.1 Course & Coaching Outline  

Module 1: Find Your Life Story and Message

  • How to Find Your Topic, Find Your Message and Attract Clients
  • How to Communicate Your Message and Schedule 8 New Appointments
  • How to Create 3 Versions of Your Story and Attract Customers through Different Platforms
  • How to Create a Brand Story that Enrolls Clients into Your Movement and Calling and Programs

Module 2: Content Creation and Program Creation

  • 4 Ways To Monetize Your Message
  • How to Structure Your 1-1 Program, Communicate Your Offer & Enroll Your Next or First Client

Module 3: Pricing and Structuring Your Programs While Making Your First Offer

  • Packaging and Pricing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Group Programs
  • Structuring 6-8 Week Phone Coaching Programs and Live Events Part 1
  • Structuring 6-8 Week Phone Coaching Programs and Live Events Part 2

Module 4: The Enrollment Conversation

  • My Enrollment Bible
  • Authentic Persuasion Technique to Book More Strategy Sessions
  • My 12 Question Framework on How to Get Your Clients to Say Yes to Their Vision Part 1
  • My 12 Question Framework on How to Get Your Clients to Say Yes to Their Vision Part 2
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Asking for the Credit Card
  • How to Use the Power of Case Stories to Inspire Your Clients to Enroll

Module 5: The Never Ending Client System

  • The Referral System
  • Fast Client Formula
  • Client 25 System
  • The Client Booking System

Module 6: Product & Program to Millions Marketing System to Fill Your Programs, Services, & Seminars

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Making Millions and Impacting Millions
  • The Product To Millions Map Part 1: What Is A Funnel?
  • The Product To Millions Map Part 2: The Elevation Model
  • The Product To Millions Map Part 3: What Does A Funnel Look Like?
  • The Product To Millions Map Part 4: The End Goal of a Funnel
  • The # 1 Purpose Behind This Marketing System
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 1: Overview of the Ultimate Offer Sequence
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 2: The Lead Sequence
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 3: How to Create a Free Gift
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 4: How to Design Your High Converting Opt In Page
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 5: Design Your First Paid Offer
  • The Ultimate Offer Sequence Part 6: How to Create an Up-sell to a Second Paid Offer
  • The 7 Essentials to Recurring Revenue in Your Business
  • The Simple Sales Copy Template Part 1: How To Write Simple Sales Copy
  • The Simple Sales Copy Template Part 2: How To Write Email Copy
  • Rock Your Sales Video in 7 Minutes Part 1: The 14 Essentials That Rock Your Sales Video
  • Rock Your Sales Video in 7 Minutes Part 2: How To Create Your Offer
  • Recap: Implementation Guide & Checklist
  • How to Offer Free Consultations & Coaching Sessions and Sell Programs from $1K & $10K

Bonus Module 1: Online Mastery

  • Lesson 1: Setting Up Facebook Ads Template
  • Lesson 2: Dream Traffic System
  • Lesson 3: Facebook Ads
  • Lesson 4: Setting Up An Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Lesson 5: How To Retarget Your Video Viewers & Page Engagers on Facebook

Bonus Module 2: Strategic Partner Relationship Mastery Bonus

  • Discover Why Strategic Partners Want to Partner With You
  • How To Communicate to a Strategic Partner
  • How to Ask your Strategic Partner to Promote You
  • How to Create Assets that Make You Valuable to Strategic Partners
  • How to Get Connected to Big Strategic Partners
  • How to Play up with Strategic Partners

Exclusive Private Member’s Facebook Group
In this business, one piece of advice can be worth $1 Million dollars to your bottom line. Seriously. With your Free Bonuses you’re getting over $300,000 of advice, coaching and consulting that I have already paid and profited from.
Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You’re also going to get access to the Message to Millions Private Facebook group. My team and I are on there every day answering YOUR questions, sharing the latest wins and sharing with you live, in real-time the best strategies and tactics that are working for the members of the community.


Super Star Speaker Training Program (see below) AND

Marketing to Millions where Ted shows up LIVE once a month to share his best marketing practices then opens up the lines for Q&A via chat. Clients will have access to the recordings and receive this for free for 12 months. 1st Friday of the month.

M2M clients also get a LIVE monthly group coaching call for their first 90 days to ensure they get the support they need to begin creating results as early as their first 30, 60, 90 days in the program. This call is held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 11am PT.

2 tickets to the live event in 2021. Correct. The Message to Millions Live is Ted’s flagship and you’ll get two FREE tickets for this 4 day spectacular in 2021 where you’ll be working with Ted LIVE in the room!! If you chose to have the discounted tickets they would be 97 per ticket.


When clients pay in full they will also receive, in addition to a 90 minute coaching call with one of the senior coaches, the Limitless Abundance Program for FREE! This program will teach them how to achieve abundance in their life, career, relationships, money and time. 

Plus, they will receive Launch Master Series for FREE! This is where Ted shares interviews he did on how to create a six-seven figure launch, plus, an insider’s deep dive into his $1.3 million launch!


Bonus Program: Superstar Speaking Training Program Course Outline:

Module 1: ☆ Orientation Calls ☆
Orientation Call #1
Orientation Call #2

Module 2: Basic Video
Lesson 1: The Ultimate Live Event Map
Lesson 2: The Stage Presentation
Lesson 3: Packaging Your Products/Offers

Module 3: Pack Your Live Events Without an Email List
Action Video: How to Pack Your Live Events
How to Pack Your Live Events without an Email List

Module 4: How to Get Books on Local, National, and International Stages
Action Video: Booking More Stages
How to Get Booked on Local, National and International Stages

Module 5: How to Create Powerful Passionate and Profitable Presentations
Lesson 1: Master the Structure to the Stage Presentation
Lesson 2: Master The Art of the Stage Presentation with Powerful Storytelling and Offers
Lesson 3: My Story and Journey of Mastering Presentations
Lesson 4: Learn How to Create Powerful, Passionate and Profitable Presentations

Module 6: Create and Price High Ticket Coaching Programs to Sell from the Stage
Lesson 1: How To Design The Ultimate Offer
Lesson 2: The Art of Inspiring the Sale – Ultimate Pitch
Lesson 3: The Art of Inspiring the Sale
Lesson 4: High Ticket Coaching Programs

Module 7: Master Storytelling From the Stage
Lesson 1: How to Design a Story that Inspires Your Customers from the Stage

Module 8: How to Create a Group Mastermind and Double Your Revenue by Up-Selling at Your Masterminds
Lesson 1: How to Create a Mastermind AND How to Double Your Revenue by Upselling at Your Masterminds

Module 9: The Million Dollar Speaker Formula and Creating Profitable Live Events
Lesson 1: How to Make Profitable Live Events
Lesson 2: Million Dollar Speaker Formula
Lesson 3: The Art of Speaking from the Stage

Module 10: Superstar Speaker Monthly Training Webinars
Month 1 – The Three Most Important Things You Must Know To Make Six Figures At Your Next Seminar
Month 2 – Why Speaking For Free Is More Lucrative Than Getting Paid To Speak
Month 3 – Why Small Events Lead to Profitable Outcomes
Month 4 – The Event Filling Formula
Month 5 – Powerful Strategies to Pack Your Live Events
Month 6 – Creating an Online Funnel
Month 7 – What Do You Do When No One Says Yes To Your Offer
Month 8 – How To Structure Your Content To Keep People Engaged At Your Live Event
Month 9 – How To Overcome the “I Can’t Afford It” Objection
Month 10 – 3 Steps to Deliver a Powerful Presentation from The Stage and Sign Up Your Dream Clients
Month 10 – Q & A
Month 11 – 12 Steps to a Masterful Presentation to Sell More Online or from the Stage Pt 1
Month 11 – 12 Steps to a Masterful Presentation to Sell More Online or from the Stage Pt 2
Month 12 – My 5 Biggest Mindset Secrets
Month 12 – Q & A
Month 13 – Unbreakable Sales
Month 14 – How to Eliminate Any Client Objection within 7 Seconds
Month 14 – Q & A
Month 15 – How to Market Your Live Events
Month 16 – How to Inspire from the Stage and Close 20-80% of Your Audience Without Hard Selling!
Month 17 – The Sales Process from 2K to 40K
Month 18 – Facebook Advertising and Your Business Pt 1
Month 18 – Facebook Advertising and Your Business Pt 2
Month 19 – How to Build a Marketing Team
Month 20 – Enrolling Clients
Month 21 – Scaling to Millions
Month 22 – How To Get a High ROI
Month 23 – Creating A Sales Process to Up-sell Clients
Month 24 – How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Ted McGrath offers a 100% Client Happiness Guarantee, see below:

Sample Success Stories:

Dr Lisa

Michael Green

Sherri Starr

Brandon Hawk

Dan Krynzel

Angela Kim

William Avon

Jeanne Lecher

Tim Fawcett

Sharnee Bennett

Richard Kinnon

Damian M Smyth

#1: Fred Douglas launched his first EVER Facebook ads last week and is crushing it with CTR 1.1%, optin rate 67% and leads under $5. He’s finding the whole process baffling and frustrating but he is tackling it fearlessly and is determined to figure it out and I am so proud of him. And he just made his first sale

#2: Josh Clark revealed last week that he’s spent $2k on ads and made back $20K, all since the mastermind event in Sept. 10X ROAS! (And then he asked me how to improve his ads….TURN UP THE SPEND, JOSH!)

Client Tana Hoy shared that he recently presented to 5 of his clients, a high end offer. Prior to, he did a crash study on Ted’s selling from the stage, and he got 3 yes-es at $75K total with only 5 clients in the room!!!


Mike Ginther
Ted McGrath Brands
Success Coach
714 451 4356

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